Modern String Project is designed for intermediate players who are comfortable playing at the level of Suzuki late Book 2/early Book 3 ( click here for samples), and should understand basic 3rd position shifting technique, and vibrato. Selected repertoire is selected based upon the interest of the group, and is arranged by the Rokstra team for each group of incoming students.

The Modern String Project Fall Semester begins on Saturday, September 16th, 202, and runs for 10-weeks, until December 2nd. Spring Semester runs January 20th through April 2nd. Weekly rehearsals take place from 12:00 – 1:20pm at Graner Music (4460 Barnes Rd, Colorado Springs).

Check out the following perks for all MSP students:

10 Sessions per Semester (includes 1 book + shirt)

$150 Off Each Week of Summer Camp

Local Performances (Within Colorado Springs or Nearby Towns)