Requirements for Orchestra Tryouts 

Please follow the guidelines below for submitting your playing sample video (tryouts are only required for the Rock and Roll Youth Orchestra, and NOT the Modern String Project of Eclectric Light Orchestra).

  1. Fill out the online Orchestra Tryouts Application Form (link).
  2. Upload a high-quality video via YouTube or Google link.
  3. Send the link to with “ROKSTRA Video Link” in the subject. If this link requires a password, please be sure to include that information in the e-mail. If we cannot open it, your tryout video will not be considered.

Video requirements:

  1. Video must be received prior to your instrument’s tryout date.
  2. Musician’s full body must be visible in the audition.
  3. Audition selections should be performed in the correct sequence (see below).
  4. Clearly state your name and instrument at beginning of video.
  5. Introduce each selection.

Playing Sample for Camp (required prior to 1st day of camp)

Prepare 2 minutes of a solo piece.

Audition Requirements for Rock and Roll Youth Orchestra (advanced players only)

  1. Choose two contrasting 3 octave scales of your choice to play. (i.e. if you selected a sharp scale for your first scale, then the 2nd scale should be a flat scale)
  2. Play a 3 octave major or minor pentatonic scale.
  3. Prepare 2 minutes of a solo piece.
  4. Play two selected excerpts (see below)
  5. (OPTIONAL) If you would like to participate in solo improvisations, please include the following:

Improvise on Bb blues in the medium swing style (print Bb Blues pdf below). Optionally, backing tracks can be found all over the internet. Play two times through the form.